Bulk Bag Unloaders and Filling Systems

FormPak, Inc. is the industry leader in custom bulk bag unloader equipment and bulk bag filling  for Super Sack®, Bulk Bag, Big Bags, FIBC Bags and other heavy-duty bag handling systems. If you need bulk bag filling, big bag unloaders for discharging, FIBC bag  lifting, racking, or fully integrated batching systems, FormPak is your partner.  With over 43 years of dry solids handling knowledge, we can integrate any upstream or downstream equipment (scales, conveyors, blenders, feeders, hoppers, valves, eduction systems, etc.) required to deliver turn-key system. Please call and contact us today, to discuss your bulk bag or dry material handling project, we can’t wait to partner with you to build a custom solution.

Bulk Bag Unloaders

FormPak’s BagFlo line of heavy-duty bulk bag unloaders will discharge any material. If it can be unloaded from a Super Sack® – we can do it. Our unloader incorporates the “live bottom” technique with an isolated hopper and a 1500 pound force industrial gyrator.

Our bulk bag unloading products include Hoist and Trolley Bulk Bag Unloaders, Fork Truck Big Bag Unloaders, Half Frame Super Sack Unloaders, Loss In Weight Unloading Systems and Retro-fit Kits for Unloaders.

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Bulk Bag Fillers

FormPak’s line of heavy-duty bulk bag fillers will exceed your requirements for safe and reliable Super Sack® filling. Our basic bulk bag filling machine is designed to fill duffel or open top bags to volume. Add FormPak’s Fill Head and scale controller, and accurate, gravimetric filling of spout top bags is accomplished.

Our bulk bag filler products include BagPak 1100-DT, BagPak 2100-ST, BagPak 2100-SS, BagPak 2100-SS-RL, BagPak 4400-AD and BagPak 2100-SS-BB.

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