January 24, 2018

What Type of Bulk Bag Filler Do I Need?

What type of bulk bag filler do I need? Great question! Although they may perform the same essential task, bulk bag fillers can vary greatly in capacity, design, and automation. To find the right product for your needs, you will need to determine several items related to the bulk bags, including their design, the needed level of support, densification and settling, and adjustability.

Bulk Bag FIller

What Type of Bulk Bag Filler Do I Need?

“What type of bulk bag filler do I need?” you ask? Super Sack® fillers are available in many sizes and configurations, from the very simple to the completely automated. To learn more about flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) filling systems, use the tips below and explore their advantages and disadvantages. With our help, you can determine which type of bulk bag filler best fits your operation and application requirements. Regardless of the machine design, these basic concepts will come in handy as you shop for bulk bag fillers:

Review Bag Types
The most common bulk bag type is either a tubular or four-panel style bag with a spout top and spout bottom. However, there are many other options available. Bags can also have open tops or duffel tops as well as “full open dump” or plain bottoms. In addition, they can be lined, baffled, or both. Review your application’s requirements to select the best type for your needs.

Seek Out Proper Support
One of the keys to ensuring a bag will fill well is to check that it has the proper placement and support before filling it. This allows the contents of the bag to stretch the fabric faultlessly. A general rule of thumb: the bag should be supported off the pallet by three to four inches in the corners prior to filling, allowing for the correct amount of stretching. The stretching will begin across the bottom of the bag and then extend up the sides as the material rises. If a bag lacks proper support, the following issues may arise: creases or folds will appear along the body of the bag, the bag will have less material, or the bag will lean to one side (presenting a safety concern and shipping/handling challenges).

Densification & Settling
Without some type of densification or settling device, many products will not fill or settle well into a bag. These devices can be as simple as a vibratory deck or as sophisticated as an indexing base that thumps the bottom of the bag – and in some cases, both mechanisms are employed for maximum results. Generally speaking, vibration is the most common solution to the issues of densification and settling because it is easy to integrate into most types of fillers, and it’s also very effective in getting particles to “nest” or de-areate. Luckily, very few materials respond poorly to high-frequency vibration; most of these are in the silica family, have extremely light density, and/or are non-agglomerating. Fibrous and fluffy material can also fall into this category.

Due to the ever-changing designs in bulk bag manufacturing techniques, as well as the ability to fill multiple bag weights (now or in the future), adjustability is of paramount importance. Bags rarely stay the same height for long, and they can change by as much as two to six inches even when they’re filled to the same weight with the same material. These fluctuations will affect your ability to keep the bag properly supported as described above. All reputable manufacturers know this, and thus they will always provide a filling system with the ability to change to accommodate bags that are shorter or taller than the bag you’re currently using. If your system only suits one bag size, it will quickly become unusable.

What type of bulk bag filler do I need? Each type of bulk bag filler satisfies a distinct range of filling applications, and most have design enhancements available, which you can select to ensure the product meets your individual requirements. If you’re still struggling to determine which product best fits your application’s requirements, contact FormPak today. With over 50 years of combined experience in the dry materials field, we will use our expertise to find or create an efficient solution for your needs. You can count on our knowledgeable, skilled staff for support. FormPak can assist your company with bulk bag filling, unloading, lifting, as well as fully integrated batching systems, bag break stations, and flexible screws. To discuss the requirements of your bulk bag or dry material handling project, please give us a call us or contact us online today.