FeedFlo Screw and Vibratory Feeders

FormPak offers a variety of volumetric and gravimetric (scale based) feeders for nearly any type of dry material metering application.  These include:

  • Screw Feeders w/open flighting (flat wire, round wire, square bar, beveled)
  • Screw feeders with cored augur (flat or beveled augur) 
  • Vibratory Tray (magnetic drive or brute force dual vibrators)
  • Vibratory Tube (magnetic drive or brute force dual vibrators)

Any many configurations of length, diameter (or width), materials of construction (mild steel, 304 or 316 stainless steel), finishes (mill, painted, bead blasted, food grade, etc.), inlet type or quantity, outlet type of quantity, and dust collection ports.  They can include LIW (Loss-In-Weight) or GIW (Gain-In-Weight) scale integration and control, in batch or continuous modes, or can be interfaced with customer’s existing PLC control schemes. 

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