BagLift 100-CA-LH


The 100-CA-LH makes lifting bulk bags with a crane or hoist a breeze, even in low headroom applications.


The Bulk Bag Crane Adapter – Low Head, 100-CA-LH, BagLift 100-CA-LH, #000106

The BagLift 100-CA-LH like the 100-CA is a bulk bag lifting adapter or “spreader bar”, but adds additional lift to lower the draft of the bag from the hoist hook, allowing the Super Sack ® to fit in tight head space applications. The adapter is a tested and certified below-the-hook lifting device that exceeds all OSHA and ASME standards.  The Spec Sheet tab includes engineering and certification documentation.  The standard LH provides 3.5” more lift than the standard, but can be designed to lift bags even higher if required.  See the Options tab for more info.