BagPak 1100-DT-IH (Duffel Top – Integrated Hopper) Super Sack® Filling System

The BagPak 1100-DT-IH (Duffel Top – Integrated Hopper) is designed for filling open and/or duffel top big bags with lift loops via front loader or skid steel (Bobcat). The hopper and bag support arms are adjusted to fit the bag to be filled and secured using locking hitch pins (bulk bag filling tip: hang the bag approximately 3″ – 4″ from the pallet prior to filling for best results). A pallet is placed on the base of the frame, then the bulk bag lift loops are fed onto the holder arms. Buckets of material can now be dumped in the hopper to fill the bag. Once full the Bulk Bag is removed via pallet by forklift (lifting up and backing out). Construction is heavy gauge structural steel coated in enamel paint.

Example of BagPak 1100-DT-IH super sack filling system
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