Gaylord Box, Drum, Bulk Bag Filler

Gaylord Box, Drum, Bulk Bag Filler constructed of HEAVY-DUTY structural steel, a stainless steel, two-piece fill spout, and integrated load cells, the BoxPak 2100 bulk bag filler offers dust free filling of spout top Super Sack® and Gaylord boxes with formed or loose liners, and drums. The integrated scale and controls, allow bulk and dribble container filling, with a slide gate, rotary valve, or any device of your choice.

An expandable rubber boot seals the Super Sack® to the BagPak filling system for a dust tight connection through out the entire fill. Other features include individually adjustable receiver arms and fill head that allow quick changes for variable bag sizes. Additionally the fill head liner ring allows “spouting” box liners, which eliminates bounce-out of material.

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