Hoist & Trolley Loaded Big Bag Unloader

 The Hoist & Trolley Loaded bulk bag and big bag unloader is constructed of HEAVY-DUTY structural steel (3” and 4” x ¼” wall tube steel) and offers guaranteed product discharging at a fraction the cost of similar systems. Utilizing a “live bottom” style gyrated bed design, this bulk bag unloader can deliver consistent, reliable, and safe unloading of SUPER SACK® Bulk Bags, Big Bags, FIBC Bags up to 4,400lbs or more. With the integrated hoist with motorized trolley and integral crane adapter, no forklift is required, and any big bag size can be easily accommodated without the need for mechanical adjustment. Available options such as Iris Valves (for product metering or partial bag removal) and Access Doors (to reduce dusting and improve operator safety) make these big bag unloading machines complete, simple to operate, and low maintenance. And of course, a myriad of components and customer arrangements are available.

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