About Bulk Bag Filler Spout Top

FormPak’s BagPak 2100 ST

The spout top bulk bag filling frame is fabricated of one-quarter-inch thick, three and four-inch square tube steel and features two six-by-four-inch fork pockets at the base for ease of moving into place. Also included is a dual pipe fill head with inflatable spout seal and dust port.

To use this device, first place a pallet on the loader, then thread all four bag lift loops onto the holder arms. The rule of thumb is to have the bag suspended so that the corners are approximately three to four inches up from the pallet, allowing the bag to stretch properly without any folds or leaning. Adjustment is easily accomplished by removing the hitch pin while holding the arm, adjusting to desired height, then replacing the hitch and safety pins for each arm. Recheck for proper height.

The fill head is adjusted the same way with the addition of the retention bolt used to level the fill head. The bottom of the seal should be near the bottom of the support arms, placing it four to six inches above the bag top.

Once the bag is centered, the bag’s fill spout can be pulled up and over the seal. Then the hand lever is actuated to inflate the seal inside the spout. The bag is now ready for filling. Once the bag is full, release the pressure seal, and the spout can be pulled off the fill head and tied. The forklift can enter the pallet, lift slightly to relieve the pressure on the lift loops, and simply back out of the frame.

This unit can be integrated with a spread base allowing the use of a pallet chain as well as many other options.

Please contact your FormPak representative for more information on this or other FormPak products.