Bulk Bag Fork Lift Attachments

BagLift 100-FA

This bag lifting adapter, also known as a spreader bar, is fabricated from one-quarter-inch thick three-inch square tube steel. It has two six-by-four-inch fork pockets, as well as four labyrinth-style lift loop connections to ensure positive attachment of bag to adapter.

The primary benefits of using this adapter are time savings and safety. When trying to attach bags to forklifts, you will find that the operator will have to get on and off the forklift multiple times to get the bag properly attached, and there is the risk that the fork tines are too sharp and will cut or abrade the lift loops, setting up the potential for the bag to fail and fall.

The bag adapter also features a unique pin arrangement that ensures the bag can’t come off the forks when braking or running the forklift downhill. Hanging the bag directly on the forks will not provide this type of safe, secure retention.

With the BagLift 100 FA, attaching a bag is a one-step process. The operator simply hovers the unit over the bag and can attach all four lift loops then return to the forklift. You can now lift and transport the bag in a safe and secure manner.

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