Adjusting Gyrator Force on
Bulk Bag Handling Equipment

One person can easily adjust the gyrator force in about 10 minutes. This process is typically completed with the gyrator attached to the equipment but is removed here for demonstration.

First, remove both end caps from the gyrator. Four cap screws hold each one in place. Once removed, the adjustable counterweights are visible.

There are two adjustment scales: 60 hertz and 50 hertz. The pin is the maximum adjustment for this gyrator. In North America, the 60 hertz scale is used.

To adjust, loosen the center bolt so the weight can move. This may require some force. Then, align the exterior weight with the desired force on the 60 hertz scale. These scales read in percentages from zero to 100%. Here, we are adjusting to 70%.

Re-tighten the center bolt. If this bolt loosens during operation, the gyrator may be damaged. A thread-locking compound is highly recommended.

Now, repeat this process on the opposing side of the gyrator. Note, It is critical that the weights on both ends are set to the same percentage. In this case, 70% on the 60 hertz scale. Re-tighten bolt to replace the caps align the asymmetrical holes in the housing. Once the holes are aligned, replace the bolts and tighten, repeating for both sides.

Note the Gyrator housing is aluminum, and the threads can be stripped by the bolt. Do not over-tighten. Your Gyrator is once again ready for operation. Recheck that all the housing bolts are still tight after one day of operation.

Please contact your FormPak representative for more information on this or other FormPak products.