FormPak BagPak 4400 AD

Bulk Bag Filler (Auto Discharge)

The FormPak BagPak 4400 AD bulk bag filler is our most automated and ergonomic filling system and can produce up to 20 bags per hour or more. This filler has an option for a powered carousel to use multiple bag sizes on the same line or for raising bags to an easy-to-reach height, then raising for filling.

The rule of thumb is to have the corners approximately three to four inches above the pallet so the bag can stretch and fill properly.

An optional pallet feeder is also available with this unit. If included, a pallet will be removed from the bottom of the stack and fed automatically into the filling zone. This port-style feeder is ideal for multiple pallets to be used on the same system as well as for irregular or inconsistent pallets.

The positive engagement with the forks ensures pallets won’t jam or bind, as can be seen in compression and dog-style feeders. Once the pallet is in place, the first two bag loops can be fed into the lift loop support bales, then turn the carriage 180 degrees to attach the other two lift loops. This is a manual operation to save the complexity and maintenance associated with powered systems or traversing hooks.

The carousel rides on roller bearings, creating smooth and easy turning with few moving parts and 100% duty cycle components. There is nearly zero maintenance to this system.

Now the fill spout can be pulled up over the fill head and the seal inflated. Once the start cycle button is hit, the rest of this operation is completely automated. The filler will open and close a valve or start and stop the conveyor to fill the bag to weight via bulk and dribble flow. An optional densifier is used to settle the bag in cycles as it fills, providing more material per fill and creating a stable package.

Once target weight is hit, the system automatically releases the bag loops, deflates the spout seal, and dispenses the bag from the filler and onto the accumulation zone. This unit can be integrated with infeed valves, densification systems, hoppers, stretch wrappers, and much more.

Please contact your FormPak representative for more information on this or other FormPak products.