FormPak’s BagFlo 500 LD (Low Draft) Unloader

BagFlo 500 LD

This low-draft bulk bag unloader is designed to fit into height-restricted areas while still providing safe and efficient discharge of bags.

The bulk bag is positioned at the bag lift module. The carriage is lowered over the bag, and the lift loops are fed onto bag hooks. The lift sequence is then actuated, raising the bag top within inches of the ceiling. And, once completed, the traverse mechanism indexes the bag over the support frame, where it is lowered onto the bag support pan.

An operator then feeds the bag spout into the access box, where it is untied. After the access door is closed and the start button pressed, the bag shaker system will ensure complete flow of material into downstream equipment.

Like all FormPak bag unloaders, this system can be configured with many options, including valves, conveyors, material flow enhancements, and more. Please contact your FormPak representative for more information on this or other FormPak products.