Material Handling Equipment for Beer and Spirits Industries

BrewFlo 500

One of the fastest-growing markets for Super Sack handling systems today is craft brewing and distilling. The BrewFlo 500 Series may be configured as a fork-loaded system or a hoist-and-trolley style like this one at Oskar Blues.

The Super Sack is attached to the bag lifting adapter or spreader bar by first lowering the hoist. The loops of the bag are then fed into and secured inside the labyrinth holders.

The bag is then lifted to a position so as to clear the receiver pan, moved into the frame, and then lowered onto the pan. The access door beneath the bag pan may then be open to reach and undo the bag spout, allowing grain to flow.

The scale controller allows for batching by weight. This loss-and-weight system is accomplished by setting the entire frame on load cells.

When starting the batch, a slide gate valve opens and grain is taken away via a flexible screw or alternative conveyor.

Once the target weight is achieved, the slide gate will close, but the conveyor will continue to run, evacuating the remainder of the batch into the downstream process — in this case, the mill.

Please contact your FormPak sales rep for more information on these systems.