Replacing Inflation Seal and
Spout Top Fill Head Gasket

The replacement of the gasket on your spout top fill head can be easily accomplished by one person in five to 10 minutes.

First, loosen the screw on the clamp until it will slide down off the gasket. Then, roll the gasket up until it exposes the interior clamp.

Repeat the process for this clamp, allowing it to hang down around the fill spout.
Note where the air inflation port is on the exterior of the spout wall.

Next, slip one end of the new gasket over the rim of the fill head, making sure not to cover the inflation port.

Slide one clamp back over the gasket and gently snug the screw without fully tightening.
Now measure inside the gasket from the spout rim to the top of the gasket making sure you have about 10 inches of the gasket to work with. Finish tightening the interior clamp, then roll the gasket over the clamp down the outside of the fill head.

Work it down until it is close to the dust port, and so that the rim of the gasket is even and level. Move the remaining clamp over the edge of the gasket and fully tighten.

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