Bag Dump Stations

FormPak offers filtered and non-filtered bag dump station units for breaking open small bags (25kg, 50#, etc.). The outlets of these units can be customized for any downstream application (conveyors, feeders, hoppers, etc.).

Bag Dump Station Solutions

FormPak offers several models to accommodate the specific needs of your bag dump station.

Dust Containment Benefits

If your project or product requires dust containment, the dual filter system provides greater cleanliness and productiveness for your manufacturing facility. Our manual bag dumping stations allow for efficient dumping of small volume bulk bags of bulk materials while effectively reducing loss of product through dusting.

Our Bag Dump Station with the dust collection system reduces the dust that is naturally generated when material is emptied from bags, boxes, drums, and other containers, into the collection hopper. This creates a more effective, efficient, and ergonomic bag dispensing system. All stainless steel constructed bag dumping stations and Explosion Proof bag dumping station designs are also available.

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