BagPak 4400-AD (Auto-Discharge) Bulk Bag Filler

The BagPak 4400-AD Bulk Bag Filler constructed of a heavy-duty structural steel frame, a stainless steel dual-pipe fill spout, and integrated load cells. The 4400-AD filler offers automated bulk bag hanging, filling, and ejection and accumulation of bulk bags quickly and accurately. Integrated load cells and scale controller allow filling Super Sack® Bulk Bags, Big Bags, FIBC Bags and other heavy-duty bags in bulk and dribble mode utilizing a valve or conveyor to achieve desired weight. A compressed air expanded bladder seals the bag spout to the machine, and is automatically released at target weight. The Rota Load Bulk Bag Filler allows the operator to easily and ergonomically hang a big bag onto a 359 degree rotating carriage and loop latches. Connecting the fill head dust port to factory dust collection, an optional cartridge filter, or filter sock, allows the entire fill cycle to become a dust free operation.

Animated 3D rendering of BagPak 4400-AD
BagPak 4400-AD Dual
BagPak 4400-AD
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