Bulk Bag Forklift Attachment


The BagLift 100-FA makes attaching and lifting bags with a forklift fast, efficient, and safe.  


The Bulk Bag Fork Attachments, 100-FA, BagLift 100-FA, #000103

BagLift 100-FA allow a single operator or forklift driver to attach a bulk bag or SUPER SACK® to the material handling lifting device with a minimum of effort. The most important advantage of this big bag lifting device is safety: eliminating multiple trips on and off the lift, eliminating the need for workers to hold the bulk bag lifting loops open for a forklift, and securing the bag to the lift so it can’t slip off.  A great deal of time can be saved as well. Just place the bulk bag forklift attachment or spreader bar over the FIBC bulk bag or SUPER SACK® and wind the bulk bag lifting loops into the labyrinth hooks, then lift and drive away. The bulk bag forklift attachment also prevents big bag lift loop abrasion, which can be helpful when reusing bulk bags.